Marilyn Monroe Shower Curtain – Black and White

black and white marilyn monroe shower curtain cheap

Looking for a Marilyn Monroe shower curtain in black and white to enhance your bathroom decor?  Look no further as we have found some awesome designs for you to choose from.

Just click on the pictures to go to the site that offers the products for sale.  You’ll get pricing, shipping info and reviews from customers who have already purchased.

You have a choice of fabric or plastic shower curtains.

Marilyn is the perfect way to create a feminine bathroom  – which always makes a gal feel great!


Marilyn Monroe Shower Curtains Under $30

Marilyn Monroe shower curtainMarilyn Monroe shower curtainClick to Check PriceMarilyn Monroe WaterproofMarilyn Monroe WaterproofClick to Check PriceMarilyn Monroe shower curtain - Bubble GumMarilyn Monroe shower curtain – Bubble GumClick to Check PriceMarilyn Monroe Waterproof Bathroom Shower CurtainMarilyn Monroe Waterproof Bathroom Shower CurtainClick to Check Price

Why Did Marilyn Monroe Change Her Name?

Later, when she married James Dougherty, she became Norma Jeane Dougherty. The star didn’t change her name legally to Marilyn Monroe until 1956, although she’d been known publicly by the moniker since 1946. And when she married playwright Arthur Miller she liked to be called Marilyn Monroe Miller source

High End Marilyn Monroe Fabric Shower Curtains

Marilyn Munroe - Black and WhiteMarilyn Munroe – Black and WhiteCheck PriceMarilin Monroe Shower CurtainMarilin Monroe Shower CurtainCheck PriceAwesome Marilyn Monroe Black and White Shower CurtainAwesome Marilyn Monroe Black and White Shower CurtainCheck PriceRetro Marilyn Monroe Shower CurtainRetro Marilyn Monroe Shower CurtainCheck PriceBathing Suit Beauty - Marilyn MonroeBathing Suit Beauty – Marilyn MonroeCheck PriceBlack and White Marilyn Monroe Shower CurtainBlack and White Marilyn Monroe Shower CurtainCheck PricePop Art Marilyn Monroe Shower CurtainPop Art Marilyn Monroe Shower CurtainCheck PriceRed Lips Shower CurtainRed Lips Shower CurtainCheck PriceSexy Marilyn Shower CurtainSexy Marilyn Shower CurtainCheck PriceMarilyn Close Up - Black and WhiteMarilyn Close Up – Black and WhiteCheck Price


Sherlock Shower Curtain

sherlock holmes shower curtains

Sherlock Holmes Shower Curtains

Find a great Sherlock shower curtain for your bathroom.  The hugely popular BBC Series Sherlock is incredible.  Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective who uses his sharp mind, instincts and intelligence to solve the most difficult cases.  His incredible powers of deduction and unique character are something of legend.

There are Benedict Cumberbatch shower curtains, 221B Baker Street shower curtains, the wallpaper of 221 B Baker street, the streets of London then of course, John Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

Each of the Sherlock shower curtains are beautifully designed, are mildew resistant and are of high quality.

top rated sherlock holmes shower curtain bathroom decor

Simply click on the picture for more information and for pricing.

Loveable, fun and affordable Sherlock shower curtain options for your bathroom decor. These Sherlock Holmes shower curtains are based on the BBC TV series starring Benedict Cumberbach, old fashion Sherlock as well as the Sherlock movies. I love the wall paper from 221B Baker Street!


Sherlock Holmes Shower Curtains

Amazing Sherlock Shower CurtainAmazing Sherlock Shower CurtainCheck Online PriceSherlock Shower CurtainSherlock Shower CurtainCheck Online PriceSherlock HolmesSherlock HolmesCheck Online PriceSherlock Shower CurtainSherlock Shower CurtainCheck Online Price



221B Baker Street Shower Curtains

The Sherlock Holmes PubThe Sherlock Holmes PubCheck Online Price221B Baker Street Shower Curtain221B Baker Street Shower CurtainCheck Online PriceSherlock & Violin at the ApartmentSherlock & Violin at the ApartmentCheck Online PriceSherlock Shower CurtainSherlock Shower CurtainCheck Online PriceSherlock Holmes Bathroom Waterproof Fabric Shower CurtainSherlock Holmes Bathroom Waterproof Fabric Shower CurtainCheck Online Price



Where to they film 221B Baker Street?

Holmes and Watson give their address as 221b Baker Street, but exterior shots were actually filmed a half-mile north-east in North Gower Street, where filming conditions are quieter. The fictional pair live above Speedy’s Cafe, which is a genuine sandwich bar.

Characters of Sherlock Holmes Shower Curtains

(Moriarty, John Watson, The Woman….)

Sherlock Shower CurtainSherlock Shower CurtainCheck PriceSherlock AssociationSherlock AssociationCheck PriceMoriarty Was RealMoriarty Was RealCheck PriceMr. HolmesMr. HolmesCheck Price


How Many Sherlock Holmes Short Stories Are There?

The original Sherlock Holmes stories. Sherlock Holmes appeared in a total of 60 stories, written by Arthur Conan Doyle and published between 1887 and 1927. The four novels and five volumes of short stories now often appear as The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock and London/British Shower Curtains

Sherlock Shower CurtainSherlock Shower CurtainCheck Online PriceThe Game is OnThe Game is OnCheck Online PriceSherlock, Watson & the British FlagSherlock, Watson & the British FlagCheck Online Price



Sherlock Fans Shower Curtains

Waiting for Sherlock Shower CurtainWaiting for Sherlock Shower CurtainCheck Online PriceCute Sherlock HolmesCute Sherlock HolmesCheck Online PriceSherlock Holmes Shower CurtainSherlock Holmes Shower CurtainCheck Online PriceI Don't Shave For Sherlock HolmesI Don’t Shave For Sherlock HolmesCheck Online PriceI Don't Shave For Sherlock HolmesI Don’t Shave For Sherlock HolmesCheck Online PriceSherlock, Sherlock, SherlockSherlock, Sherlock, SherlockCheck Online Price



Not Dead!

How about this one!

Not Dead!Not Dead!Check Online Price


Library of Sherlock HolmesLibrary of Sherlock HolmesCheck Online Price


sherlock holmes shower curtains



Beatles Yellow Submarine Shower Curtains – Awesome Designs

Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain Set by Ambesonne

Who Knew Yellow Submarine Shower Curtains Would be so Popular!

beatles yellow submarine bathroom decor ideas

If you are looking to add a splash of yellow to your bathroom decor, if you are a Beatles fan or just love the psychedelic element, you are going to love these Yellow Submarine Shower Curtains!

Yellow Submarine Shower Curtains
yellow submarine bathroom decor ideasPopular Yellow Submarine


Yellow Submarine Shower CurtainYellow Submarine Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceLots of Yellow SubmarinesLots of Yellow SubmarinesClick to Check PriceYellow Submarine in the SeaYellow Submarine in the SeaClick to Check PriceTHE BEATLES Yellow Submarine Unique Waterproof Bathroom Shower CurtainTHE BEATLES Yellow Submarine Unique Waterproof Bathroom Shower CurtainClick to Check Price


Do You Know What is the Beatles Yellow Submarine About?

The music-loving inhabitants of Pepperland are under siege by the Blue Meanies, a nasty group of music-hating creatures. The Lord Mayor of Pepperland (Dick Emery) dispatches sailor Old Fred (Lance Percival) to Liverpool, England, where he is to recruit the help of the Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr). The sympathetic Beatles ride a yellow submarine to the occupied Pepperland, where the Blue Meanies have no chance against the Fab Four’s groovy tunes.

Unique Yellow Submarine Bathroom!

This bathroom is AWESOME!

It would be an adventure just having a bath in this room – wow.

unique yellow submarine bathroom ideas

Kids Yellow Submarine with Marine Life – Under the Sea

kids underwater shower curtains with marine life

Underwater Yellow Submarine

Kids will love having a bath (or shower – what a mess!) in an under the sea bathroom.  These awesome marine life creatures (will a yellow submarine cruising through) are adorable.

Great for an “Under the Sea” theme.

Under the See - Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain SetUnder the See – Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain SetYellow Submarine& the Fish Shower CurtainYellow Submarine& the Fish Shower Curtain


Psychedelic Colors Yellow Submarine Shower Curtains

If you are looking for LOTS of color in your bathroom, then these are IT!

Feel the psychedelic mood of Sergent Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band with these wild yellow submarine shower curtains.

Blue Yellow SubmarineBlue Yellow SubmarineClick to Check PriceSANMOU Custom Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain Waterproof Polyester Bathroom 66Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain Waterproof Click to Check PriceDIY Fashion Style THE BEATLES Yellow Submarine Waterproof Polyester Fabric Bathroom Shower Curtain 66THE BEATLES Yellow Submarine Waterproof Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceThe Beatles Yellow Submarine Waterproof Bathroom Shower Curtain 66The Beatles Yellow Submarine Waterproof Bathroom Shower CurtainClick to Check Price


More Yellow Submarine Shower Curtains

Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain -Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain –Click to Check PriceCute Yellow Submarine Shower CurtainCute Yellow Submarine Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceYellow Submarine with FishYellow Submarine with FishClick to Check PriceAwesome Yellow SubmarineAwesome Yellow SubmarineClick to Check Price


Retro Grunge Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain
Yellow Submarine Shower Curtain Set by Ambesonne

Retro Grunge Yellow Submarine



Awesome Sherlock Wallpaper Shower Curtain

sherlock fabric shower curtains

sherlock fabric shower curtains

Introducing the Sherlock Wallpaper Shower Curtain! The famous wallpaper in the apartment of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.  I don’t think Mrs. Hudson did any decorating when she bought the building and kept the original wallpaper.

The wallpaper is now famous and has become one of the most popular styles of shower curtains.

sherlock holmes apartment wallpaper shower curtain

ABOVE:   Sherlock Wallpaper Shower Curtain

Click here for pricing

Other Sherlock shower curtains that you might light to consider:

Sherlock Holmes Shower Curtains

Sherlock Shower Curtain