Best Comic Book Shower Curtain Designs – Fabric and Affordable

comic book shower curtains

Finding a comic book shower curtain is not the easiest thing to find.  I am always searching to add to this collection and when I find them, I will add them to the page.

There are the comic font shower curtains such as POW! and KAPOW!, comic lips then comic characters (Batman, Ironman, etc)

These shower curtains are mildew resistant and come with the standard 12 holes.

More Batman Shower Curtains

Pow! Bam! – Action Shower Curtains

POW! Shower CurtainPOW! Shower CurtainClick for Price & Colors1950s Decor Collection, Comic Book Explosion1950s Decor Collection, Comic Book ExplosionClick for Price & ColorsRetro Boom Bomp with FlameRetro Boom Bomp with FlameClick for Price & ColorsSuperhero Comic BookSuperhero Comic BookClick for Price & ColorsPOW! Superhero Shower CurtainPOW! Superhero Shower CurtainClick for Price & Colors

History of Comic Books

American comic books. … The Golden Age of Comic Books began with the introduction of Superman in 1938, spurring a period of high sales. The Silver Age of comic books is generally considered to date from the first successful revival of the then-dormant superhero form, with the debut of the Flash in Showcase #4 (Oct. 1956). source

Comic Strip Shower Curtains

Iron Man Shower CurtainIron Man Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceDC Comics ~ Batman Fabric Shower CurtainDC Comics ~ Batman Fabric Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceDinosaur Comic Shower CurtainDinosaur Comic Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceSpiderman Comic Shower CurtainSpiderman Comic Shower CurtainClick to Check PricePow Shower CurtainPow Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceSpider Man Vinyl Shower CurtainSpider Man Vinyl Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceComic Book LipsComic Book LipsClick to Check PriceGTA Comic StripGTA Comic StripClick to Check PriceHulk Comic Shower CurtainHulk Comic Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceMarvel Comic Shower CurtainMarvel Comic Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceWolverine Comic Shower CurtainWolverine Comic Shower CurtainClick to Check Price

Who was the First Super Hero?

So take your pick — Superman as the first literal “comic book superhero” or the Phantom as the more general and non-literal masked/costumed adventurer

Mighty Mouse Shower Curtains

Mighty Mouse Cartoon Shower CurtainMighty Mouse Cartoon Shower CurtainClick for Price & Colors

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Best Selection of Giraffe Shower Curtain Designs for Your Bathroom

Fabric Giraffe Shower Curtain Ideas

I have found a wonderful assortment of giraffe shower curtain designs that you will really like for your bathroom decor.  With these unique, fun and heartwarming styles, there will definitely be something that you will like.

Quick Link => fun giraffe shower curtains on Amazon

All of the shower curtains are mildew resistant, colorful and are made with quality materials and workmanship.

You will find:

  • Giraffe shower curtains for kids
  • Photo shower curtains of giraffes
  • Whimsical giraffe shower curtains
  • Cute giraffe shower curtains for toddlers
  • and of course, unique ones too!

All have a 12 hole button-type opening to attached to shower hooks.

The materials are easy to maintain.  Just throw them in the washing machine and then hang back up on the rod to dry (so easy).

Needless to say, the shower curtain rod, hooks, liner and bathtub are not included!

Just click on the picture for more information on shipping, sizing and pricing.

Find an adorable giraffe shower curtain for your bathroom. These fabric shower curtains are mildew resistant, charming and will add so much character to your bathroom decor. Lots to choose from!

Giraffe Shower Curtains Under $30


Blue and White Giraffe Shower CurtainBlue and White Giraffe Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceCute and Lovely Giraffe Waterproof Shower CurtainCute and Lovely Giraffe Waterproof Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceAfrican Animals Funny Giraffe Shower CurtainAfrican Animals Funny Giraffe Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceFunny Handsome Giraffe Wear GlassesFunny Handsome Giraffe Wear GlassesClick to Check Price