Best Comic Book Shower Curtain Designs – Fabric and Affordable

comic book shower curtains

Finding a comic book shower curtain is not the easiest thing to find.  I am always searching to add to this collection and when I find them, I will add them to the page.

There are the comic font shower curtains such as POW! and KAPOW!, comic lips then comic characters (Batman, Ironman, etc)

These shower curtains are mildew resistant and come with the standard 12 holes.

More Batman Shower Curtains

Pow! Bam! – Action Shower Curtains

POW! Shower CurtainPOW! Shower CurtainCheck Sale Price1950s Comic Book Explosion1950s Comic Book ExplosionCheck Sale PriceRetro Boom Bomp with FlameRetro Boom Bomp with FlameCheck Sale PriceSuperhero Comic BookSuperhero Comic BookCheck Sale PricePOW! Superhero Shower CurtainPOW! Superhero Shower CurtainCheck Sale Price


History of Comic Books

American comic books. … The Golden Age of Comic Books began with the introduction of Superman in 1938, spurring a period of high sales. The Silver Age of comic books is generally considered to date from the first successful revival of the then-dormant superhero form, with the debut of the Flash in Showcase #4 (Oct. 1956). source

Comic Strip Shower Curtains

Iron Man Shower CurtainIron Man Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceDinosaur Comic Shower CurtainDinosaur Comic Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceSpiderman Comic Shower CurtainSpiderman Comic Shower CurtainClick to Check PricePow Shower CurtainPow Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceComic Book LipsComic Book LipsClick to Check PriceGTA Comic StripGTA Comic StripClick to Check PriceHulk Comic Shower CurtainHulk Comic Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceMarvel Comic Shower CurtainMarvel Comic Shower CurtainClick to Check PriceWolverine Comic Shower CurtainWolverine Comic Shower CurtainClick to Check Price


Who was the First Super Hero?

So take your pick — Superman as the first literal “comic book superhero” or the Phantom as the more general and non-literal masked/costumed adventurer

Mighty Mouse Shower Curtains

Mighty Mouse Cartoon Shower CurtainMighty Mouse Cartoon Shower CurtainClick for Price & Colors

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Cute Minion Shower Curtain Designs for the Kids Bathroom Decor

cheap minion shower curtains

minion shower curtain

Minion Shower Curtain – Crazy, Fun and Adorable

Every kid would love to have a Minion Shower Curtain for their bathroom!
Check out these fun, cute and so adorable minion shower curtains.

I’m sure that you will find one that reminds you of one of your own kids :)

Just click on the pictures for pricing and reviews.

Adorable Minion Shower Curtains

There’s really only one minion


Believe it or not, Despicable Me and Minions co-director Pierre Coffin voices all of the minions himself. For the new film, Coffin voiced 899 of the little yellow henchmen.

Crazy Minions!

The craziest dudes on the planet.

Adorable Minion Shower Curtains

These shower curtains are from artists who officially license the rights to use the minions.
They have done a great job and here are some of what they do.

Googly Eyes Minion Shower CurtainGoogly Eyes Minion Shower CurtainCheck Online PriceCarl MinionCarl MinionCheck Online PriceKing of the MinionsKing of the MinionsCheck Online PriceGang of MinionsGang of MinionsCheck Online PriceHello Minion!Hello Minion!Check Online Price

minion shower curtain bathroom decor ideas
Shower Curtain Glamour

Awesome Batman Shower Curtain Designs – Best Sellers


POW!  Batman Shower Curtains

Huge assortment of Batman shower curtain designs for you to choose from!

batman yellow and black shower curtain decor

Yellow and Black Batman Shower Curtain

Batman and Superman Shower Curtain
Black Batman Shower Curtain
Cheap Batman Shower Curtain
Fabric Batman Shower Curtain
Lego Batman Shower Curtain
Leaning Batman Shower Curtain
Batman Symbol Shower Curtain
and a few Gotham Shower Curtains too!

First off, here are the top picks on Amazon….

Batman Logo Custom Waterproof Fabric Bath Shower Curtain 66Batman Logo Custom Waterproof Fabric Bath Shower Curtain 66Check Price & ReviewsWarner Bros Batman Logo Microfiber Shower CurtainWarner Bros Batman Logo Microfiber Shower CurtainCheck Price & Reviews


Interesting Tidbit of Info…

History of Batman

Batman’s origin is first presented in Detective Comics #33 (Nov. 1939), and is later fleshed out in Batman #47. As these comics state, Bruce Wayne is born to Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, two very wealthy and charitable Gotham City socialites in 1915. source

Batman and Robin Shower Curtains

Comics Batman And Red Robin Shower CurtainComics Batman And Red Robin Shower CurtainCheck Price & Reviews



Why did he become Batman?

In the movie Batman Begins, Bruce chooses the bat for his symbol because he has a bat phobia stemming from a childhood accident. … His decision usually happens in a moment of serendipitous clarity, and he latches very suddenly onto the bat because it symbolizes the kind of dark, predatory thing he wants to become.

Awesome Batman Shower Curtains

ForeveRing Z Batman Shower CurtainForeveRing Z Batman Shower CurtainB-atman Yellow and Black Shower CurtainB-atman Yellow and Black Shower CurtainWarner Bros Batman Logo Microfiber Shower CurtainWarner Bros Batman Logo Microfiber Shower CurtainBatman Bathroom Set, Shower Curtain, Hooks, Bath Rug, Bath TowelBatman Bathroom Set, Shower Curtain, Hooks, Bath Rug, Bath Towel4 Piece Batman Shower Curtain Sets4 Piece Batman Shower Curtain SetsDark Knight Batman Shower CurtainDark Knight Batman Shower CurtainSuperman Batman Flash Classic Shower CurtainSuperman Batman Flash Classic Shower CurtainBlack Shower Curtain with BatmanBlack Shower Curtain with BatmanBatman Cityscape Shower CurtainBatman Cityscape Shower CurtainDC / Warner Brothers Batman Fabric Shower CurtainDC / Warner Brothers Batman Fabric Shower CurtainBlack and White bat Shower CurtainBlack and White bat Shower CurtainBat-Man Shower CurtainBat-Man Shower Curtain



Batman Shower Curtains on Amazon

Gotham City Shower Curtains


How Old was Bruce Wayne When He Decided to Become Batman?

He toured the world as soon as he was able to and learned every martial art possible. He returned ot Gotham at the age of 25 and started then. The first Robin (Dick) came soon after and was 12 when Bruce was 26. He left Batman about 6 years later to become his own hero at 18, making Bruce 32. source

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