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Kraken Shower Curtain – Octopus or Squid?

Kraken Shower Curtain – Octopus or Squid?

A Kraken shower curtain may just cause controversy as many people say that this sea creature is a squid while others believe that it is an octopus.

The kraken has been documented as one of the largest sea creatures in the world that with it’s large tentacles can easily pull a ship down under the water.

Squid or octopus, you choose.  Here are some cool kraken shower curtains for you!

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colorful kraken octopus shower curtain

Bath Time Kraken Shower Curtain

Black Tentacle Shower Curtain

deep sea discovery octopus kraken shower curtain

Deep Sea Discovery – Octopus Shower Curtain

The Story of the Kraken Sea Monster

The legendary sea monster was horrifying according to stories it was a huge, many armed, creature could reach as high as the top of a sailing ship’s main mast. A Kraken would attack a ship, wrap their arms around the hull and capsize it. The crew would drown or be eaten. What is amazing about the Kraken stories is that there is evidence that these creatures exist.

The early evidence about Kraken, from Norway in the twelfth century, refer to a creature the size of an island. In 1752, when the Bishop of Bergen et al wrote his The Natural History of Norway he described the Kraken as a “floating island” one and a half miles across. The Bishop of Bergan noted “It seems these are the creature’s arms, and, it is said, if they were to lay hold of the largest man-of-war, they would pull it down to the bottom.” As time past Kraken stories bring the creature down to a smaller, but still monstrous, size.  Mythcreatures