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Beach Sand Ocean Waves Shower Curtain with Starfish Seashells and Palm Tree

This beach sand ocean waves shower curtain with starfish seashells and palm tree is lifelike and makes you really feel like you are at a tropical location.

Sylbapestry Beach Shower Curtain Fabric Washable Seashell Starfish Bathroom Decor Digital Printed No-Fade Blue Read Reviews on Amazon

The bright sun is shining down on this summer beach. Crystal clear blue ocean water next to the sandy beach with seashells, starfish and palm tree.

The colors are vibrant, bright and durable. The photo is crisp, sharp and clear.

The shower curtain is polyester fabric and is the standard dimensions of 72 inches by 69 inches.

Machine wash and hang to dry.

The holes are made with grommets which makes it more durable than sewn holes.

It is no see through, so you have privacy when showering.