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Teal Leaf Shower Curtain Designs for the Bathroom

Add a splash of color to your bathroom with these teal leaf shower curtain designs.

Whether it is a simple leaf, a cluster of leaves or accent leaves – all done in teal to add color and elegance to your bathroom decor.

Add in a touch or grey or even some flowers to add more elements into the pattern.

All of these are fabric shower curtains that you can throw in the wash to clean and simply hang to dry.

Teal Leaves Shower CurtainTeal Leaves Shower CurtainCheck PriceGrey and Teal Leaves Shower CurtainGrey and Teal Leaves Shower CurtainCheck PriceSpringtime Teal Leaves Shower CurtainSpringtime Teal Leaves Shower CurtainCheck PriceNature Green Blue Teal White Leaf PatternNature Green Blue Teal White Leaf PatternCheck PriceFlowers Buds with Teal Leaves Shower CurtainFlowers Buds with Teal Leaves Shower CurtainCheck PriceTeal Abstract Floral Shower CurtainTeal Abstract Floral Shower CurtainCheck PriceLeaf Patterned Shower Curtain in TealLeaf Patterned Shower Curtain in TealCheck PriceTeal Tropical Leaf Shower CurtainTeal Tropical Leaf Shower CurtainCheck PriceTeal Palm Leaf Shower CurtainTeal Palm Leaf Shower CurtainCheck PriceTeal Fern Shower CurtainTeal Fern Shower CurtainCheck Price