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Bald Eagle and American Flag Shower Curtains – Great for 4th of July!

Check out these stunning patriotic Bald Eagle American flag shower curtains for your bathroom!

If you celebrate the 4th of July (and who doesn’t??)  You will love to put this up for your guests to see.

JAWO American Flag Shower Curtain, USA Bald Eagle Stars and Stripes Flag Hippie Independence Day Fourth of July Waterproof Bathroom Decor Polyester Fabric Bath Curtains, Hooks Included, 69X70 Inches Available on Amazon

The American flag is a symbol of pride for all Americans, and has been around for quite a long time, dating back to at least the 1776 signing of the US declaration of independence. The design of this flag has also changed over the years, but the symbolism it carries remains the same.

Red, white and blue for the good old USA

The three horizontal bands of colors are the blue of Washington, the white of Massachusetts, and the red of Mississippi. In 1776, after the successful independence of the United States, these three colors represented a confederacy of the States.

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Get out the stars and stripes

No matter what political party is in control of the United States government at any given time, the official American flag must be in view whenever that particular government figure is on the steps of the Capitol Building.

The original Stars and Stripes served as a symbol of unity for a diverse population that came together to form one nation.

With a multitude of historical and geographical differences, the United States of America was able to unite and shape a country with pride in its heritage and identity.

Over a century later, the Stars and Stripes continue to serve as a symbol for unity and strength.

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