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Beautiful Red Cardinal Shower Curtains

Although many people think of red cardinals at Christmas time as they look so beautiful against the white snow, they also look great on tree branches and on a windowsill.

Our Top Picks for Cardinal Shower Curtains

#1  Christmas Winter White Cardinal Shower Curtain

The birds are a vibrant red as are the red berries on the trees.

When we last checked, the price was quite low.

100% Polyester.

Machine washable, no faded look after washing.

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#2  Multiple Cardinals Sitting on Evergreen Tree Branches

This is a beautiful holiday shower curtain is made out of soft fabric which is machine washable (and hand to dry).

A great idea is to pair it with pinecone shower hooks!

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#3 Red Cardinal with Autumn Leaves Falling

A nice change from the winter theme is this stunning autumn shower curtain.

Falling leaves of red and orange on a whitewash board background.

The cardinal is among our country’s favorite birds.

In fact, the cardinal is one of the most popular ornamental birds in the United States. It is the state bird of Tennessee and is also known as the black-crowned cockatiel. Other states with a large population of this beautiful bird include Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Utah.

Interestingly, little is known about the behavior, life cycle, and diet of the northern cardinalis even though studies have been carried out on these species for decades.

While it is believed that cardinals feed on seeds, they also eat mosquitoes and beetles.
Night Light - Red cardinals sitting on a white branch with red berriesNight Light – Red cardinals sitting on a white branch with red berriesGet Info & Reviews

This winter season, red cardinal swarms are commonly seen throughout the southern part of the United States.

They feed mostly on grubs and may be seen around plant stalks, meadows, roads, and fields. These swarms move together, however, in the winter season they separate, and may come together again in the summer to feed.

While we know so little about these little songbirds, we do know that they often build elaborate nests in abandoned beaver banks or logs. The structure is similar to a hen house, with several small cells connected by means of a series of tunnels stemming from the main building.


Red cardinal homes are typically located near water or near a bird feeding station.

One intriguing fact about cardinals is that their songs are unique only to themselves.

Shower Curtains with Cardinals

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